Competitions 2008 - 2017

Team 2016-2017

Our expectations for this year remained high and we were not disproved. Focusing on the safety and the technical improvement of Pyrforos II, we managed to elicit positive comments from the judges and manage to take 2nd place in both awards. Specifically, our team made a holistic approach regarding the safety of both the driver and the vehicle. Therefore, lidar sensors were placed in the tail of the vehicle and also the chassis was reconstructed. Furthermore, concerning technical innovation, we implemented an Adaptive Cruise Control by using a neural network, aiming to conserve energy with optimal driving behavior.

Team 2015-2016

After facing problems with funding, Team Prometheus devised a financial campaign, in order to raise funds for the projects to come. Through the “Indiegogo” platform, our project was supported internationally. This innovation in addition to other promotional actions, led us to win the Communications Award. Having not fulfilled our ambitions, our team developed a semi-autonomous intelligent Eco Cruise Control system, which clenched the Technical Innovation Award for our team.

Team 2014-2015

In the competition that took place in Holland, our team succeeded to end the race, holding the 10th place in the Prototype Electric category, an achievement that no other Greek team had accomplished at the time. Our vehicle could do 487km/Kwh, which means it can cover the distance from Athens to Thessaloniki with less than 0.2€. Moreover, we took the second place in the “Safety Award” to conclude our successful course.

Team 2013-2014

After 5 continuous year of participation in Shell Eco Marathon, the experienced members of Prometheus Team started manufacturing the new shell of the vehicle, in the distinctive shape of a raindrop and color red. Apart from the shell, all the sub-systems of the car were reappraised, redesigned and manufactured by our team, resulting in the vastly recognizable prototype called “Pyrforos II”.

Team 2012-2013

Throughout the course of Shell Eco Marathon (SEM) 2013 in London, our team demonstrated in front of our Paddock, a drain of the Greek hospitality, by offering Greek products to the competitors and the spectators. Unprecedented event in the SEM world, the prize was awarded to its legitimate heir: Team Prometheus.

Team 2011-2012

Team 2010-2011

The year of the radical change, Prometheus Team decided to switch to the “Prototype Battery Electric” category in Shell Eco Marathon, a category that seemed very promising and the one that our team is thriving until these days.

Team 2009-2010

Team 2008-2009 : The Beginning Of Our Team

The team was founded by the collaboration of undergraduate students and doctoral students, under the aid of the Electrical Machines and Power Electronics laboratory. Two of the main co-founder of the teams are Konstantinos Laskaris (currently Principal Motor Designer at Tesla) and Manos Polioudis (currently Head of Powertrain Engineering at Arrival).

Our first ever vehicle “Purforos I” is powered by hydrogen cell and competing in the Prototype Hydrogen category of Shell Eco Marathon.