Prometheus Eco Racing

Developing Electric Vehicles

About Us

Prometheus Eco Racing is the energy efficiency racing team of the National Technical University of AthensSchool of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Out team’s members, undergraduates and PhD candidates, design and build high efficiency electric vehicles competing in the annual Shell Eco Marathon efficiency and innovation competition against universities from all over the world. Our vision is to bring light to sustainable and efficient solutions for the electric and generally the automotive industry as well as advance the battery – electric vehicle technology. With a hand-made, eco-friendly, prototype electric vehicle constructed from scratch, an 1.000 km trip will now cost less than 30 cents of a euro.


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On Friday, June 24 at 12 pm, we participated in the online live event of the 2022 Researcher’s Night  of the National Technical University of Athens. The presentation begins with the Professor and Director of

The steady course of fifteen years of the research in the field of electrification, the volunteer-group “Prometheus” , is highlighted through international distinctions in the fields of research, innovation, ecological behavior and team spirit.The historical

We where at a conference organized in Patras under the auspices of the University of Patras, the Polytechnic School of the University of Patras and the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Technology and attended

On Monday 21/12/2020 an online event was held for the presentation of the electric vehicle made by the Prometheus Eco Racing Team student team and of the successful its participation in energy saving competitions in

Greek Energy Forum Award

Greek Energy Forum – What it is The Greek Energy Forum (GEF) provides a platform in which energy professionals have the opportunity to network, exchange ideas and best practices on current industry developments and market

This year was a big challenge for everyone. As we were preparing our vehicle for more appearances and while we had so many events and campaigns to run, the pandemic changed our plans, as it

During 21-24 of February we were happy to attend the international exhibition Elec-Tec.“Elec.tec”, Greeceʼs most specialized exhibition on electrical equipment, lighting and security systems made its debut in 2016. It meant to become a point

On 13 December of 2019 we attended the opening of the “EBEC Athens” engineering competition that was organized by BEST Athens and it was just amazing! Dozens of students from all departments of National Technical

On Friday 15/12/2019, Prometheus Eco Racing organized an event about  exchange of views about technical issues and about the evolution taking place in the field of engineering, which attended the student teams EUROAVIA Athens, Oceanos-NTUA and

Prometheus Eco Racing was found, once again, in the centre of innovation and evolution! Our team was present at the recent exhibition Eco Fest 2020, which was organized by the Municipality of Athens at Technopolis,

Team Landmarks

Partnership Benefits

Promotion on Social Media

Our team is very active on social media with thousands of followers. So, we can can actively and effectively promote your brand and/or products through our social media accounts.

Attending Your Events

We seek partners with mutual interest in sustainable and progressive energy solutions and wish to express that to their clients through the collaboration with Prometheus Eco Racing. We are therefore happy to attend some of your special events or fairs with our fully electric vehicle!

Usage of Logos and Products

Our team can use your sponsored brands and logos on our car, team clothing, partner banner and other branding material. In addition, we gain knowledge of all products and companies that partner with us and we advertise your dynamics.

Future Professional Development

Partners are in direct contact with graduates and companies. Many graduates who have been actively involved in university projects will lead the future ways. Generally, the Shell Eco Marathon teams are considered a breeding ground for future engineers and leaders in business ventures associated with the industry.

Educational Contribution

Our contribution to education, is our constant research effort. We promote scientific thought, develop projects that enhance the ranking of the NTUA, acquire key professional skills and leadership qualities that we share and learn from leaders in the fields of engineering. All the attributes are wholly due to our partners.

Support of Youth Activities​

Partnering with our team, gives your company a momentum towards the populace at large. In view of a volunteering spirit, aiding youth and their scientific advances, leads to future investment projects in which youth will lead the way and Greek engineers and professionals will ultimately be prepared for careers they choose.