Shell Eco-Marathon

Shell Eco-Marathon is a competition programme for High School and University Student Teams around the world providing a collaborative platform to get hands-on experience in achieving ultra-energy-efficiency. Each year hundreds of teams compete from all around the globe. For example, 199 teams form 28 countries took part in Shell Eco-Marathon 2018 (2-5 July, London).

“Around the world the programme inspires thousands of students to work collaboratively in their university teams to put their theories of energy-efficiency to the test, using cutting-edge technology, critical thinking, and innovative ideas. Every year brings new stories of human endeavour and technical excellence, as teams push the boundaries of what’s possible.”

Shell Eco-Marathon Official Website

The competition has 12 different categories in two axis. The first, is about the vehicle design, Urban and Prototype. The second, is about the power source, Petrol, Diesel, Natural Gas, Battery, Hydrogen Cells and Alternative Fuels.