Our Story

2018: Safety Award (1st place)
We designed a complete set of features for dynamic risk assessment and management both for the driver and the team in the pit. Among others, we improved the the chachi design, enhanced the driver’s protective gear with materials of the highest standards and tracked in real time the driver’s vitals with sensors and image recognition.

2017: Safety Award (2nd place) and Technical Innovation Award (2nd place)
We take in great consideration the safety of our drivers. We redesigned anew the chachi with her protection in mind. We also installed LiDAR for blind spots that warns both the driver and the team on the ground.
We strive to be innovative and stay on the bleeding edge of technology. We created an Adaptive Cruise Control system powered by Artificial Intelligence that minimized energy consumption.

2016: Communications Award (1st place) and Technical Innovation Award (1st place)
2016 was a tough year for us due to lack of funding from previous donors. Thus, we turned to those that knew about our efforts best. We created a crowdfunding campaign and we found the support we needed both from individuals and companies in Greece and abroad.
We also designed our first semi automated driving system, Eco Cruise Control, that minimizes energy consumption.

2015: 10th place among 50 contestants and Safety Award (2nd place)
2015 was one of the best years for us. With 487km/kWh we broke our mileage record and for the first time a team from Greece was among the 10 best teams. With such low consumption, we can travel from London to Amsterdam with 0,1€.

2014: New vehicle «Pyrforos II»
2014 was a very important year. After our successful endeavors, we felt it was time to take the next step. Thus we build our second vehicle anew, completely redesigned and implemented by our team, giving it the distinguishing rain drop shape and its vivid red color.

2013: Team Spirit Award (1st place)
The Greek Spirit travels with us wherever we go. This time we also brought the greek cuisine. Even when far from home, hospitality is in our blood, and we love to share with other teams the taste of the greek countryside.

2011: Moving to Electromotion
Changing our vehicle from Hydrogen Fueled to Electric Power was one of the most significant decisions of our team. This pivotal moment gave us the chance to compete where we are best, and allowed us to shine.

2009: Competing to Shell Eco Marathon for the first time
We will never forget 2009. The efforts of two years finally paying off!! “Prometheus Team” debuts with “Pyrforos”, our first hydrogen fueled vehicle.

2008: Prometheus is born
Every story has a start. And this is ours!! In 2008 three students come up with a plan. To build a state of the art vehicle with minimum energy consumption. The road ahead is a long and hard one, but we are determined to see it through. None could imagine where this would lead us, but we are always excited for one more bumpy ride.