Electrical Systems

The Electrical System department is responsible for the design, creation and optimization of all electric and electronic systems of the vehicle. “Pyroforos II” is a fully electric vehicle, powered by Lithium-Ion batteries. We focus on research and development of motors, power electronics, telemetry and safety systems for the vehicle and the driver.

  • Electric Motor: The vehicle uses a 3 phase synchronous motor with permanent magnets, controlled by smart microelectronics. It was designed and built by doctorate candidates and students of our team. We have three motors that we change according to the needs of each race for peak performance.
  • Power Electronics: We designed and build a 3 phase DC-AC inverter with high fidelity discrete interrupters. It allows for powering the Motor from the 48V Li-Ion Battery, equipped with our own BMS.
  • Telemetry: We realize that peak performance and optimization is always a data driven process. Thus, we build a fully featured, high precision real time telemetry system. We gather data both in our test runs and during the race to make our changes accordingly.
  • Driver Feedback: We want to create the best vehicle we can, but the competition is still a race. And one of our greatest resource is our Driver. And we want to give her the best possible advantage during the race. We provide her with feedback from the vehicle and from the pits.
  • Electric Design: Connecting the subparts of a vehicle in a singleton is no easy task. The complexity of its subsystems and the way they connect is a challenge for every team. Even more so, when there is focus on safety and foolproof failback systems.
  • CanBUS: Creating a massively parallel system requires a low latency, high bandwidth network. Thus we implement our own CanBUS system to interconnect the various subsystems.