Partnership Benefits

Interested in a partnership with the Prometheus Eco Racing?
Here is what we can offer you.

How We Can Cooperate

The main thing we, as Prometheus Eco Racing NTUA Team, focus on is building one of the most efficient and cutting edge battery – electric vehicle and, at the same time, promote electric and sustainable mobility by educating the next generation. As a partner, you can be part of the change!

Partners can help us build our vehicle by any of the following ways. However, these do not cover everything as you can help us in other ways as well! If you want to support us, please contact us through the form in the “Contact Us” page!

Technical Advice

We could really use your expertise and advice for our benefits. From design aid to business plan proposals, everything is more than welcome!

Material Provision

You can help our team by providing raw materials (e.g. microprocessors) processed materials (e.g. carbon fiber parts) or tools for us to use (e.g. 3D printer).

Financial Support

Of course, you can help us financially in order to cover our needs including from basic electronics to clothing equipment and plane tickets to attend the competition.

Our quest to find new partners never stops as we always look to make use of the latest technology and resources. In return for financial, material or expertise support we offer several marketing possibilities.

Partnership Benefits

Promotion on Social Media

Our team is very active on social media with thousands of followers. So, we can can actively and effectively promote your brand and/or products through our social media accounts.

Attending Your Events

We seek partners with mutual interest in sustainable and progressive energy solutions and wish to express that to their clients through the collaboration with the Prometheus Team. We are therefore happy to attend some of your special events or fairs with our fully electric vehicle!

Usage of Logos and Products

Our team can use your sponsored brands and logos on our car, team clothing, partner banner and other branding material. In addition, we gain knowledge of all products and companies that partner with us and we advertise your dynamics.

Future Professional Development

Partners are in direct contact with graduates and companies. Many graduates who have been actively involved in university projects will lead the future ways. Generally, the Shell Eco Marathon teams are considered a breeding ground for future engineers and leaders in business ventures associated with the industry.

Educational Contribution

Our contribution to education, is our constant research effort. We promote scientific thought, develop projects that enhance the ranking of the NTUA, acquire key professional skills and leadership qualities that we share and learn from leaders in the fields of engineering. All the attributes are wholly due to our partners.

Support of Youth Activities​

Partnering with our team, gives your company a momentum towards the populace at large. In view of a volunteering spirit, aiding youth and their scientific advances, leads to future investment projects in which youth will lead the way and Greek engineers and professionals will ultimately be prepared for careers they choose.